Nov 24, 2007

Tonight, we ventured back into Zul'Aman and took down Nalorakk in one shot. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it in under twenty minutes to save the captives, as we had problem with a couple of bears with riders, but we are making good progress. Nalorakk once again dropped the Robes of Heavenly Purpose and they went to Amatsuterasu, our priest. Now, she has to figure out if the Primal Mooncloth Robe is going to go...

After Nalorakk, we headed over to Akil'zon. Before you get to him, you have to run a gauntlet as eagles constantly come down the mountain at you and guards constantly pin you in from behind while you have to keep moving forward and taking out mobs that are not crowd controllable. It took us a couple times to figure out how exactly to get through the gauntlet, but we did it and reached Akil'zon. We used our first look at him to figure out exactly how everything works during the encounter. The next time, we did much better, but still were learning the fight. The third time, we rushed up to beat the respawns, but didn't quite make it. After we failed the gauntlet on our way back up to Akil'zon, we called it for the night.

After Zul'Aman, I quickly went into Alterac Valley for a couple more runs and I maxed out my reputation gains with the Stormpike Guards and was rewarded with the Stormpike Insignia.
((I am testing a new item tooltip. Please let me know in game if you have any problems))

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