Nov 24, 2007

Every time I enter an Alterac Valley battle, it seems that there's one loud-mouth who thinks he knows everything and tries to shout directions to everyone. They think that you can only win if you do things their way. Little do they realize, even if you get half of the people to listen to you, that's not enough. Everyone's going to do their own thing, thinking they can contribute in their own way. And it never fails, a tower is not capped, a graveyard is relinquished, and this so-called leader feels it necessary to berate everyone on their team.

I was just in a battle and this annoying warrior decided he was going to be the leader. He shouted at us when we didn't keep Stonehearth Graveyard, he yelled again when Tower Point was taken back by the horde, and he kept complaining all throughout the battle. A battle we won! Granted, I only earned about 450 honor, but it was a quick game, and we prevailed. Perhaps if we had listened to the annoying warrior we would have received twice as much honor, however, the match would have taken at least twice as long. Either way, I got to use my Stormpike Battle Standard on Galv and we prevailed.

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