Nov 19, 2007

Well, yesterday, after actually winning an Eye of the Storm match for the brigadier general, I flew up to Netherstorm to collect Mana Berries and then ventured back to Winterspring. Just as I was about to be friendly with the Wintersaber trainer, he offered me another option to gain reputation with him - I think I mentioned it last time - but it significantly sped up my gains. I am now friendly with the Wintersabers and reached Honored with the Timbermaw - granting me a new enchanting and tailoring recipe.

Quite honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to survive these grinds. They are slow, repetitive, and boring. But hey, sometimes you just have nothing better to do - though grinding primals would make more sense fiscally.

Tonight I believe we will venture back into Gruul's lair. Hopefully he will drop a Badge of Justice. If they drop in Karazhan, why not there? I am just one badge short of my new wand - the Carved Witch Doctor's Stick - an upgrade of 5 stamina, 6 intellect, and 10 damage, at a loss of 11 hit. Should be worth it. I'll have to make up for hit in another slot though. Might go back and resocket my Spellfire to adhere to slot bonuses. Not quite sure yet though.

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