Nov 19, 2007

Well tonight certainly was interesting. We ventured back into Gruul's lair, but the mage that usually leads the charge was absent tonight, so it fell to me to tank Krosh. Luckily, when we were first preparing to enter Gruul's Lair, I had spent quite a few gold on a Krosh tanking set (lots of stamina). I had tried to tank him in the past, but our healers didn't know the encounter, and neither did I. Now that we are all used to it, I was able to successfully tank Krosh and we quickly downed Maulgar. It's really a different fight while tanking Krosh. You really don't see anything going around you. I just stood there, cast some scorches and stole his spell shield whenever it was up. I completely ignored everything else going on. It was pretty fun since if I died, there was a wipe. It's not often as the mage that you get that sort of responsibility.

After Gruul's Lair, we quickly headed over to Karazhan and downed Nightbane. A quick one shot later, I received two badges and was able to pick up my Carved Witch Doctor's Stick. I also received a Faint Arcane Essence which was required for a quest which rewarded me with an Infused Amethyst (+6 spell damage, +6 stamina). As it happened, the Witch Doctor's Stick had a blue socket and the Infused Amethyst fit in perfectly. I am quite happy with my new wand and now must grind some honor points over the next week or so.

Following up on the downing of Nightbane and clearing of Karazhan, we decided to push our luck and travel back to Zul'Aman. We learned much from our first excursion and quickly cleared back up to Nalorakk, the Bear God. Nalorakk is an ugly troll who, as the bear god, transforms periodically into a gigantic bear. He continually switches back and forth and has quite a bit of health. It's was a test of the whole group as we just needed to stay alive and work together. Eventually though, we took him down.
((Here's a shot of my UI in battle: Raid UI))

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