Nov 17, 2007

As some of you might know, I'm a completionist. I am trying my best to amass every enchanting recipe, every tailoring recipe, every cooking recipe, and lastly, become exalted with every faction. My exalted factions tally can be found over on the left there, and to that end, I did some more work today on it.

I took another quick journey out to Winterspring to see what was happening out there. I learned that the Wintersaber Trainer was awarding much more reputation per turn in of chillwind and sharptooth meat, so I did a few of those and then he started asking me to kill some Winterfall Shamans and Ursas. No problem I said! I need to kill a bunch of them to prove myself to the Timbermaw. When all was said and done, I gained about 2000 rep from the Timbermaw and 1500 from the Wintersaber Trainer.

I am now quite close to becoming Honored amongst the Timbermaw which will give me a new Enchant and a new Tailoring pattern. Speaking of them, the one lower level enchant I am looking for is Enchant Gloves: Herbalism. I have advanced herbalism, but would like this one to complete my enchants of skill 1-200 (I also need Enchant Shield: Lesser Block). While I have seen Lesser Block on the auction house, I haven't yet put down the cash needed to buy it. On the other hand, I have never seen the herbalism enchant on auction.

Next on my list is Enchant Gloves: Riding Skill. This world drop has been made somewhat obsolete by the Riding Crop, but I do believe there is still demand for it, and as such, I have not yet seen it on auction. There are quite a few level 300 enchanting recipes I may never see due to the fact that old world instances are not run, but if anyone would ever want to go to Ahn'Qiraj or Zul'Gurub, I would love to go!

As for tailoring recipes, I have not yet seen the Shadow Hood recipe on the auction and even though I have seen the Rich Purple Silk Shirt up there, it's an expensive and highly sought after item, so I have yet to purchase it. I am also looking for the Star Belt recipe and I am looking forward for the Lunar Festival to return. The last time the Lunar Festival occurred, I was just barely too young to purchase the Festive Red Dress and Festive Red Pant Suit patterns. The final pattern I am searching for is the Cloak of Fire. It drops from Overmaster Pyron (I should see if I can solo him). Other than those, there are the standard patterns that are level 300 and drop in the instances.

In future musings, I'll probably talk about those patterns past 300 I am searching for.

As for my reputations, the next exalted for me will probably be the Stormpike Guard (I do need to venture back into Alterac Valley as I hear it has changed). I am also close to being exalted with the Cenarion Expedition - just a few more Steamvaults runs and I should have it. Or I could run some Heroics...

My calculations put my total reputations gains throughout the world of Azeroth at just about 52%. So I'm over half way there to being exalted with everyone. Of course, it'll be tough to get the Hydraxian Waterlords and Zandalar Tribe to like me...

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