Nov 20, 2007

Early this morning, I ventured over to the Alliance Quartermaster to see what wares I could possibly purchase. However, I had forgotten that the third season of the arena competitions had been pushed back a week. He did inform me that I had accumulated 8,064 honor points to spend, which is a good start to the 27,094 needed to upgrade my pendant and silk cuffs. With that in mind, I ventured over to the Arena Battlemaster and he informed me that last week, I had accumulated almost 500 arena points, bringing my total to 1,101. However, I'm undecided as to how I will use these points.

To buy the full Vengeful Gladiator's set, I need over 12,000 points which, at 500 points a week is over 24 weeks, or 6 months! So the first thing I need to do is prioritize the pieces that need upgrades. I love my Spellstrike set, but I think getting the Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Trousers and Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Cowl will be a very nice upgrade. The Silk Cowl provides 31 more stamina, 11 intellect, 8 crit, 1 damage, and 33 resilience at the cost of 24 hit. Since my hit rating is already so high for raiding, the loss makes no difference in PvP. The trousers supply me with 35 more stamina, 26 intellect, 7 crit, and 30 resilience at a cost of 30 hit, and 8 damage. Additionally, I receive a bonus of 35 extra resilience when sporting two of the Vengeful Gladiator's Set.

However, these two items will cost me 3,750 arena points. At 650 points a week (I'm hoping to join a 3v3 to gain a few extra points), it'll take me just over 4 weeks to reach the goal. Which, as I do the calculations is quite reasonable. The next three items - shoulders, chest, and hands will require an additional 4,304 arena points - or 7 more weeks of arena action. Alternatively, I could shoot for the awesome Vengeful Gladiator's War Staff which is absolutely amazing for both raiding and PvP. It offers just one more stamina, but 46 more crit, 62 more damage, and 29 resilience at the cost of just 5 intellect and 23 hit. However, not only does it require 3,750 arena points, it also requires a personal rating of 1,850. Though I have not yet acquired a personal rating, I might have to be picky as to which matches I play, and whom I play with. And I'm not really sure if I want to do that. I enjoy playing matches with Mercreus, even though we have a losing record. But if I have to keep a personal rating up (or even get it up in the first place), I may not be able to play those matches.


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