Nov 23, 2007

Tonight, the Gold Team ventures back into Zul'Aman. We plan on taking down both the Bear God and the Eagle God. From what I've heard, the Eagle God fight will be quite interesting with a lot of movement and coordination.

Most of my time today has been spent in Alterac Valley. This weekend, the Stormpike Guard are awarding extra honor for fighting against the horde. Also, the Alliance battlemaster tasked me with the quest to win an Alterac Valley game. Today has been mostly hit and hiss. Sometimes you'll get a great group which will win handily, other times, you'll be stuck with inept people who don't understand how to work as a group.

Either way, today has been very rewarding. Other than gaining almost 4,000 honor points, I also hit exalted with the Stormpike Guard! Time to update my count of exalted factions. I do believe I'm at 15 now.

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