Nov 22, 2007

Well I've certainly had a productive morning. After completing the daily cooking quest and being rewarded with a recipe for Kibler's Bits, I went to Skettis and completed the two daily quests there. I then took a free ride up to Blade's Edge and did the four quests there. After that, I returned to Shattrath and was in a most spectacular Warsong Gulch group. The three priests in our group knew exactly what they were doing and healed everyone, and one was even the flag carrier! We worked very well together as a team and quickly won 3-0. That was my daily battleground quest, so I decided to keep pushing my luck and flew over to Honor Hold. I picked up the daily quest there and recaptured the three towers. Our small group met resistance at one of the towers, and after I took out 2 of the five, I was quickly dispatched by the warlocks in the group. After resurrecting though, I made it back in time to complete the objective, giving me 9 out of 10 daily quests done.

Now, I'm not sure which other ones I can do. I think all that's left for me is the daily instance quests.

On an unrelated note, I recently let my Spellfire cloth making ability go unused. I have 16 Spellfire Cloth sitting in the bank and I am unable to sell them. I don't feel like going out and grinding primal fires and mana, so I think I'll just look for someone wishing to buy my services in the trade channel. If I have to spend 50g on primals to make the cloth, and then can't sell it, it's just a waste of money and there's nothing I can craft with it. My only other option at the current time is to try and trade Spellcloth for Primal Mooncloth. If I can get 8 of them, I could create a Primal Mooncloth Bag and add a couple of slots to my bags.

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