Nov 3, 2007

Last night, the intrepid members of the DarkLight Resolution Karazhan "Gold" Team ventured in to clean up the trash we left on Tuesday night. It was easy to breeze through Attumen and The Maiden (who once again withheld the Shard of the Virtuous and the Boots of Foretelling) and continued on to Terestian Illhoof. Unfortunately, other responsibilities called me away and I missed the killing of Illhoof.

After Illhoof though, we continued on to Nightbane. He has given us troubles in recent weeks and our goal was to down him last night. Well, we did better than expected and took him down after just two attempts. After taking down Nightbane, just one foe was left within the walls, Netherspite.

Netherspite isn't your standard banished dragon which you can just run up to and start fighting. He opens three portals around him which emit rays which must be blocked before they can reach him and energize him.

So after just two tries learning the fight, Netherspite went down on the third try! With this downing, we have successfully cleared Karazhan and now will continue to attempt to down Gruul on Mondays. We also await the opening of Zul'Aman which will provide further challenges for our 10-man Gold team.

And yes, Netherspite is quite large when a small gnome stands in front of him. Following our clearing of Karazhan, I quickly took a trip to the Grim Guzzler in Black Rock Depths and turned in some Blood of the Mountains I had acquired which took my reputation to exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood "thieves." They are now the 14th cartel I am exalted with and I am quite close to becoming exalted with the Cenarion Expedition and Stormpike Guard.

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