Nov 5, 2007

Another lazy weekend. With not much to do, I decided to venture back to Winterspring and gather Winterfall Spirit Beads. After making a couple quick loops of Winterfall Village, I set out to gather some Chillwind and Sharptooth meat in anticipation of further reputation gains from the Wintersaber trainers. With the meat stored away, I went back to Winterfall, gathered some more spirit beads and turned them in. It made a small dent in my reputation with the Timbermaw and I have quite a ways to go before they fully trust me.

The following day, I decided to see what the Argent Dawn were up to and went and shut down some cauldrons and turned in some scourgestones. Same as the Timbermaw, I have a ways to go before becoming exalted.

Late yesterday though, I got the chance to accompany Jaides on her epic warlock mount quest in Dire Maul. The fight was something I had not yet seen and it was fun to help her obtain the mount after a fair bit of fighting (not quite sure how that fight could be accomplished 10 seasons earlier). And with that, I called it a night.

The new week brings the same challenges with Maulgar and Gruul tonight and Karazhan on Tuesday and Friday. Maybe I'll see one of those fabled "Fallen Hero" drops this week.

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