Oct 31, 2007

Last night was one of our most successful Karazhan runs to date. After I arrived right at the start time, we quickly cleared through Moroes and the Opera where the Crone dropped the Wicked Witch's Hat. No one could use it, so I took it just for fun. It, combined with my swift magic broom makes it fun to ride around cities while cackling.

After the Opera, we quickly went and cleared Curator and then continued on to Aran whom we also one shotted. It wasn't too long ago when Aran was almost impossible to kill, but now we've got him down and can easily kill him in one shot barring any unlucky moves (we even survived two flame wreath explosions last week).

After Aran, we had the choice, continue through the chess event to the Prince or go back and kill The Maiden and Attumen. While I would have liked to go back to the Maiden and see if my Boots of Foretelling would drop, the team voted for the Prince. We had an extremely unlucky infernal drop the first time through, but killed him on just the third attempt - our best effort yet. After killing the Prince, we called it for the night, just 15 minutes past our scheduled end time. A great first night for the Gold team.

But, once again, both the Curator and the Prince failed to drop a tier four piece that had "mage" on it. Which also is locking out all hunters and warlocks. Soon enough though...soon enough.

However, after returning to Shattrath, I saw a request in the trade channel for Enchant Gloves: Major Healing, so I told him I could do that for him, and lo and behold, I am now a 375 enchanter! Now, to just raise my cooking a few more points. Then, maybe I'll get off my lazy ass and get my fishing skills up.

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