Nov 16, 2007

Tonight, after quickly cleaning up Attumen, we set off for the Ghostlands. Upon arriving there, I was greeted by a flight master who offered me an easier way to get there in the future (other than the summoning stone of course) and I saw before me a great structure. The temple in front of me was the great Zul'Aman! Before entering in with my group of faithful compatriots, I took a step back to admire this troll village. After surveying my surrioundings, I cautiously stepped up to the front door and stepped in.

To my surprise, I was not greeted by trolls, but rather, an eccentric fellow who offered to help us break the seal and truly enter into the temple. None other than Harrison Jones (not to be confused with Indiana Ford I guess). He told us that the only way to break the seal on the door was to gather ten people together and bang the gong at once. Of course, we happily obliged and the doors were slowly opened.

We were quickly greeted by some angry trolls which we dispatched with ease and we were then allowed to gaze down the steps of this magnificent temple which offers a fantastic view (even though the weather was a bit nasty). While the temple does look magnificent, you sometimes have to wonder how sturdy it really is (I have my doubts). After fighting through a few more trolls, we were rudely greeted by the bear lord Nalorakk. Apparently he didn't take too kindly to our presence there and he immediately sent his troll minions at us. We had no problems getting rid of them until we came upon his Amani'shi Warbringers. These two bear-mounted trolls gave us some problems, but we were able to figure them out and defeat them.

We were then standing face to face with Nalorakk. Unfortunately, my Super Snapper FX stopped working and I don't have any shots of the actual battle. The bear lord himself obviously transforms throughout the fight and does some big damage to both of our tanks. We were unable to defeat him in the three tries we were given, but did learn quite a bit about how to fight him and I am confident he will die the next time we face him. Taking him out within 20 minutes will prove to be a challenge, as we will do everything we can to save the prisoners he is holding, but again, it'll be quite difficult, but I think that once we can defeat him, 20 minutes is obtainable.

I look forward to our venture back into the temple. Hopefully we can get another shot at Nalorakk this within a day or two. Vengeance will be mine!

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