Nov 6, 2007

So, as any reader of this journal would know, I've been working on saving arena points to buy a nice pair of shoulders since I have been unable to find anything to replace my current set. The only options out there were the arena shoulders and the tier four shoulders. Last night, we ran our regular Gruul's Lair run and with skill and tenacity, downed the High King Maulgar in just one shot. And lo and behold, he dropped the "Fallen Hero" shoulders! Rejoice! I have a chance to win the shoulders I had coveted for months.

And with a roll of 68 on the lucky dice, they were mine, just barely beating out a roll of 62 and a few others under 50. Yes, the Pauldrons of the Aldor are finally mine! I rushed to Shattrath, quickly bought a Greater Inscription of the Orb (+15 spell crit, +12 spell damage), threw a Fluorescent Tanzanite in the red socket (+6 spell damage, +4 spirit) and a Potent Noble Topaz (+5 spell damage, +4 spell crit) in the yellow socket and I was ready to go back to the lair to face off against Gruul himself.

Unfortunately, we're still having problems with shatters and DPS. I actually died once this time from a shatter (my first shatter death in all of our attempts) as I was next to two people, one who shattered for 2400 which I could absorb, but the other who shattered for 6700, which combined with the 2400 I could not absorb. However, we did get him down to 47% or so, which is our best effort yet, however, we didn't improve by that much over previous attempts. But it does take practice and a little bit of luck, so hopefully we will be able to get him down soon.

I did take some pictures of myself with the shoulders on and I also took a picture of the whole group just as we were about to face off against Gruul, but they have gone missing. Hopefully I will be able to figure out which Imbued Netherweave Bag I put them into and show them off later tonight.

And here they are, the combined stats on my new Pauldrons of the Aldor:
152 Armor
+25 Stamina
+26 Intellect
+20 Spirit
+34 Spell Crit
+54 Spell Damage

One more of the Aldor Regalia and I'll also have a 100% chance to not be interrupted while casting my fireball, which will be quite nice for fights where I am hit by arcane spam or something similar. Not sure what slot I could put another of the Aldor Regalia in though. Probably the Collar of the Aldor to replace my Spellstrike Infusion set. The added bonus of +92 damage for 10 seconds from Spellstrike is a pretty nice effect and I might not be willing to give it up. We'll just have to wait and see what the Prince drops (maybe tonight). Perhaps I'll try and figure out later today how the Collar could help my output. That Meta Socket is quit nice...

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