Oct 22, 2007

Yesterday, Mercreus and I added a new member to our arena team, Mushrooms of Death, an intimidating warlock by the name of Nefernetcher. Together, we teamed up and actually won a few matches. It seems that the teams we have trouble with are those with paladins. Their ability to bubble along with their plate armor makes for a very tough matchup. Every time you get a paladin close to death, they are able to bubble and then not only heal themselves, but heal their partner. So what you really need against a paladin is survivability. You need to be able to take the paladin down to the point of bubbling, switch targets to the other teammate when the bubble goes off, and then switch back and kill the paladin when the bubble expires. The problem is, both Nefernetcher and I wear cloth and our sustained DPS can only last for so long.

However, the practice I had yesterday with Nef rewarded me with experience so I am better trained as how to fight opponents with cheap tactics and tough combos. Those two lock teams are pretty tough.

Tonight, we venture into Gruul's lair once again. Last week we were able to kill High King Maulgar and took a good shot at Gruul. Again, with practice comes perfection. I hope we can learn more about Gruul tonight as we look to take down Maulgar the second week in a row.

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