Oct 23, 2007

Unfortunately, Gruul's Lair was canceled last night due to a lack of tanks for the Maulgar fight. While I was disappointed as I wanted a shot at Gruul again, it gave me time to run my daily quests, earn a little gold, and then increase my reputation with the Sporeggar clan.

However, even after earning my daily gold, I decided to spend it on an enchant I had been wanting. I replaced the extra stamina on my Veteran's Silk Cuffs with extra spell damage. It seemed to help immediately, however, the cost was high. I had already farmed the primal water, but had to buy six primal fires and used six of my last nine large prismatic shards. The only reason I ever considered this though is because I don't plan on upgrading my bracers until DarkLight Resolution ventures into Tempest Keep or the Black Temple.

Karazhan tonight. Hopefully my boots drop from The Maiden. She's been quite stingy lately.

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