Oct 25, 2007

Last night I finally earned the everlasting respect of the precious critters known as the Sporeggar. After killing 24 more nagas for them, I gave them the ten fertile spores I had collected and became exalted. After becoming exalted, Fhwoor requested that I help him recover the Ark of Ssslith from the naga and return it to Sporeggar. Since Fhwoor told me that the quest would be long and arduous, I enlisted the help of fellow guildmate Breakar. While waiting for Breakar to arrive, I cooked up some blackened basilisk and some sporeling snacks (aside from food and water, I enjoy providing hunters in my group with snacks as they can often keep me out of precarious situations).

Once Breakar arrived, we escorted Fhwoor to the naga encampment without any problems, but on our way back, Ssslith tried to stop us from making it back to Sporeggar. We defeated him again without problem, and once we arrived back at Sporeggar, I had earned the respect of all the Sporeggar. Soon, I will be able to use my Glowcaps to purchase a friendly sporebat pet to show my dedication to the Sporeggar. I would wear the Sporeggar tabard, however, it is quite ugly and clashes with my outfit. Until I get new clothing that might match the tabard, I will be sticking with my guild tabard or the beautiful red Kurenai tabard they rewarded me with besides the graceful Talbuk I have been riding around on.

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