Oct 29, 2007

This weekend was pretty boring for me. Friday night, the DarkLight Resolution "Gold" team defeated Prince Malchezzar and Terestian Illhoof and attempted Nightbane a few more times. We got Nightbane to phase two a couple of times and almost to phase three. With a little more practice, we'll get him down.

Continuing with my horrible luck, the helm that dropped from the Prince once again had no "mage" option on it. Not that I could even use a new helm, but I'd just like to see one tier four token drop that is usable by a mage. That's all I want - to see it. Not win it. Not even roll on it if I can't use it immediately - just to see it.

Saturday and Sunday I did my dailies and then helped a young hunter train her way up. As I am currently saving for an epic flying mount, I have decided to help a young Dranei hunter with mining and skinning level up and make money that way. Plus, leveling hunters is both fun and easy.

One bright spot for the weekend was battling in the arenas with Nefernetcher. Our rating had dropped a bit, but after Nef and I were done, we were back to .500 for the week. I think we went 12-2 before calling it a night. We faced some pretty weak teams and got unlucky during one of our losses, but the last loss of the night was against a good rogue/druid team. Those druids are especially hard if they know what they're doing in arenas.

Tonight we should venture into Gruul's lair providing the tanks show up - they got a much deserved week off last week. High King Maulgar usually drops two tier four shoulder pieces (one of the few slots I actually need an upgrade at), so maybe tonight I'll see my first "mage" tier four piece. And if I'm really lucky, I'll win it. That'll just leave my boots for upgrade and I'm crossing my fingers hoping the Maiden will drop them tomorrow.

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