Jul 10, 2009


The gold team gathered tonight, and though we were a couple people short for most of the raid, we made the best of it. We blew through Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, Kolo, Auriaya, the Iron Assembly, and then reached the keepers. What to do about the keepers? Last week we switched it up and worked on Hodir after abandoning Thorim. Tonight we decided that since we were down 2 DPS, back to Thorim! On our first try, we got him down to about 15% before he enraged. Great work - we had never survived long enough to see an enrage timer, so we'll take it. Take 2, tank was watching other people to make sure they didn't get frozen and got frozen himself. Ok, take 3, a wipe. Man, not going well...

But take 4...we did it! There were druid ressurections thrown around, there was chaos, but we did it. Down with a keeper. And up with achievements! Go go Heroic: I have the Coolest Friends and Heroic: Cheese the Freeze. So we're now through one keeper. Hopefully next week we'll have more time to get through more keepers. Go Gold Team!

On a side note, I got the Leviathan Fueling Manual. It's a nice upgrade, but wouldn't you know that Ironmender would drop from Kologarn. Though I could have taken it, I thought that'd be pretty lame, taking an off-hand and then quickly throwing it away for a slight upgrade. So the Ironmender went to the other mage and if it does drop again, it might be thrown my way. But a nice new upgrade. Tomorrow, I'll purchase the Conqueror's Kirin Tor Hood since the chest piece really does nothing for me at this time. So hopefully, some nice new deeps next week.

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Alaranddl said...

I'm still amazed, impressed and proud. It was a bit of a "Rocky" moment for us, I think.