Jul 6, 2009

Old School Weekend

There wasn't too much happening this weekend so I worked on my Dungeon Set 2 and then got an invite to Molten Core Sunday morning. Needing more rep, I agreed to go and made out like a bandit with 3 pieces of Tier 1. We then continued to AQ40 where I racked up over 12,000 rep with the Brood of Nozdormu, picked up my yellow bug mount, and some other miscellaneous items. So that was a very nice end to my weekend.

Today, I did my standard daily quests (now up to 185 saved Champion's Seals) - will need 190 to get the two pets when 3.2 hits - and switched from Frenzyheart back to the Oracles. I really need to get that mount...I'll probably end up with a lot more yolk, but them's the breaks.

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