Jun 15, 2009

Two Rep Grinds Down

This weekend, I was able to strike two more rep grinds off of my list. First, on Saturday morning, a few of my guildmates and I decided it was time to cross Keepers of Time off of my list. A couple of them needed to get attuned, so we quickly ran normal and heroic Durnholde and then moved on to normal and heroic Black Morass, with the last run capping me out at 999/1000 Exalted. A shame there's no Keepers of Time reputation achievement, but it was my 35th, so I got 35 Exalted Reputations.

Later that day, with little to do, I decided against running battlegrounds and decided to head out to Desolace to work on my Gelkis Clan rep by slaughtering the Magram Centaurs. After an hour or two, I was done. Sitting at 11,999/12,000 honored. With no way to get revered. Oh well. At least the Gelkis know I am truly their friend.

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