Jun 9, 2009

The Flying Carpets!

Well, I figured it would have to wait a few days, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't wait to get the most amazing mount in the game. My very own Magnificent Flying Carpet! I love the thing. Unless I get a rusted or iron-bound proto drake, this is my one and only flying mount.


Alaranddl said...

You are officially a bad ass mage. Grats :)

Blake said...

Yeah, as a mage, I should have never dropped tailoring for mining, but I made so much gold from mining...I'll be keeping tailoring/enchanting now and just have Tockett do my mining.

Alaranddl said...

As a one toon player, I've always toyed with rolling a DK and leveling gathering skills, but I can't bring myself to do it. Besides, someone has to buy saronite bars from your alts (*curses saronite arrows*)