Apr 22, 2009

What a Night!

So there we were, the Gold Team had gathered and we were just sitting around the campfire with nothing to do. The Argent Tournament quests were complete, the severed arm had been returned to Olissara, and Glowergold's cheese was safely in his hands again. So...what to do? Let's go to Ulduar!

We quickly formed up and decided that since we defeated the Flame Leviathan just after causing an overload last time, that this time we would NOT catapult our druid and shaman on top of him and just DPS him down. And so it would come to pass that the Gold Team would take down the Flame Leviathan in one attempt and earn the Shutout achievement. What next we wondered? Would we go and attempt Ignis and his flaming naughty bits or Razorscale and his breath of doom?

Since we had the most practice with Razorscale we decided she would be first. The first time through, we decided that we'd try and hold off on the harpoons until all of the watchmen and sentinels were down. However, they just kept spawning and eventually ate us up. We regrouped and adjusted our strategy to just make sure no sentinels were up when we used the harpoons and we easily took her out even though Dylana, our awesome healy tree went down really early. Eleazarjr and Jizo did an amazing job keeping us all up. And what should she drop for me? The Eye of the Broodmother! It's the second best trinket with only the Scale of Fates being better at this current time.

After Razorscale we once again assessed our surroundings. Flaming naughty bits or a spoiled robot? XT-002 it was. We quickly grouped up as Aravic had to return to Dalaran and took him on for the first time. We almost had him killed when some random enemies joined the fight and made quick work of us. We regrouped and then realized that we had not cleared the trash before engaging XT-002. We quickly cleared them, engaged XT-002 again and easily took him down. Utilizing a heroism on the first heart exposure enabled us to quickly get him down as when his heart was no longer exposed, he was already at half health and his heart was exposed again. When all was said and done, he rewarded us with two achievements - Nerf Gravity Bombs and Nerf Engineering! A pleasant surprise after taking him down in (almost) one shot (darn trash).

All in all, an amazing run. Tomorrow we shall gather for four more hours of fun. The Antechamber of Ulduar awaits us.


Eleazarjr said...

This was a really fun night. I am looking forward to hitting that Antechamber tonight. It was awesome to see that healing the razorscale fight, even with two healers, is not too horrible as long as people are aware of the flame. The really scary part is the Tantrum on XT-002. I was thinking? Do you think it would be ok to group up together on that phase or are the people who are bombs hazards to the raid at that point? It would make it easy to chain heal for Jizo, I have a glyph that allows me to aoe heal to a degree, and Dylana could wild growth.

Blake said...

According to the patch notes I read, he will not cast gravity bomb or light bomb during a tantrum. However, some people may have left over gravity or light bombs from before he starts the tantrum. I had a light bomb on me when he started and it almost killed me, but luckily I had an ice block to use (best to save ice blocks until they are absolutely necessary rather than using it on the first tantrum to help the healers).

But yeah, grouping up would probably help. For the most part, I tried to stay somewhat separated from everyone so I didn't get caught next to a light or gravity bomb. Also, it's much easier for us DPS to run away from the healers than having the healers run away when they are a bomb.

On Razorscale, something I learned from The World of Matticus is that the blue flames are cast on whoever is nearest to him, so I stayed as far away as possible at all times just DPSing the watchmen and sentinels from max distance and I think I had one blue bolt cast on me. Also, I had zoomed my camera way out to better see them coming. I got hit by one during both fights and only for one tick. I think if we go in with two healers next time, we could easily get him to 50% on his second landing, thus getting us the achievement, A Quick Shave. I think we hit 55% last night on her second landing, one more DPS would easily get us to 50.

I also think that we could easily take out XT-002 on hard mode. We save the heroism for 25% and destroy the heart during that phase. It will increase his damage and HP and throw some other curves at us, but I think we could easily do it.

Blake said...

Apparently, XT-002 heals to full HP after you destroy the heart, so you actually kill the heart when it is first exposed. On the upside, once the heart is done, there are no more adds spawned, so you just kill the remaining adds and then focus on the boss. Gravity bombs will continue to be gravity bombs, but spawn void zones. Light bombs will continue to be light bombs, but spawn lightning sparks that do AOE damage. The boss hits 30% harder and has 40% more HP. Without the adds being spawned, I think we can deal with the extra damage. Hopefully the tantrum isn't increased by 30%...

Eleazarjr said...

Yeah, that all sounds very doable for our group. The only concern would be the tantrum and any extra damage it may do...but since we have two druids, we could use tranquility on each tantrum allowing two healers to mainly focus on the group that is not being healed by the tranquility...unless tranquility is raid wide now. I don't remember seeing it used but it could make that tantrum seem like a mere fit.