Apr 22, 2009

Tiddlywinks the Mercenary

Now wouldn't that be a great title? Unfortunately, I did not get it when I completed Mercenary of Sholazar last night. Now that it's done, I'm going to wait for Children's Week to come around to see what they'll have us do, then back to the Oracles to continue looking for the mount.

On a completely unrelated note, I love the Argent Tournament dailies. There's so much gold to be had for relatively quick work. The best part about it is you can do Valiant quests at the same time as Champion quests. For example, you can do A Valiant's Field Training and At the Enemy's Gates for Valiant's Seals at the same time as Taking the Battle to the Enemy and Battle Before the Citadel. So when you have to kill 15 scourge for a Champion's Seal, you automatically are done with killing 10 scourge for a Valiant's Seal. When you kill the Boneguard Lieutenants for Champion's Seals, you finish the quest for Valiant's Seals at the same time. You then go back and turn in each quest for the Valiant's Seals and receive 13g23s for each quest and then you turn in your Champion's Seals quests and receive 13g23s PLUS a Champion's Purse which has another 10g in it. Combine those with the jousting dailies, the Threat From Above, and any others that make you travel to SE Northrend and you quickly gain 5 Valiant's Seals, 5 Champion's Seals and you're up 132g61s. Love it.

Of course I do those dailies along with the new fishing daily and the old cooking dailies every day and I easily earn 150g a day just from 9 quick quests. Too bad most of it will go to repairs and consumables in Ulduar in the coming days...

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Marcy said...

You mean they do not offer a title for the achievement Mercenary of Sholazar? That's to bad, that would be a really bad ass title to have.

However it's a fun achievement to get so congrats to you on achieving it!!