Apr 30, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

And down goes the Iron Council (or is it the Assembly of Iron?)...We got I Choose You Stormcaller Brundir just because he was the last one alive (all three have their own achievements) and with that, we called it for the night. Despite our lower-than-usual DPS, we still managed to blow through the Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002, and Kologarn as well in just under 2 hours. Not bad since a lot of the people there were still learning fights and/or strategies.

This morning I awoke a bit early and since I was just 3 seals away from 25, I quickly did those dailies. Earned 5 seals, and earned Exalted Champion of Stormwind. Just Darnassus and Exodar remain. I chose Darnassus, just because they were next in line, and got the frog-kissing quest and will be just 1 seal away in 4 short days. Hopefully when I get exalted, the Exodar daily quest will be a different one than the Darnassus daily quest so I will only have 4 days of seal collecting instead of 5. So at worst, I have 10 days of questing to go, at best, 9 days until I am an Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance

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