Apr 28, 2009

Also this Weekend...

I went to Blackwing Lair. It was a quick run, but what made this one different from previous runs is I was there at the start. Usually, I'll see people running BWL and join in in the middle or towards the end and I always miss the third boss, the Broodlord Lashslayer. Because of this, Only One May Rise has been sitting in my quest log for ages. And Sunday, I finally completed it. Which is good news, but also bad news.

Because now that it's done, I can work on The Path of the Righteous. Which means I can start bringing my Brood of Nozdormu rep up to neutral. When I finally raise it to neutral, I can begin work on the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline which I am really looking forward to. I can't wait to finally get started with such an epic questline involving multiple dungeons, quests, and encounters. If only I didn't have to collect upwards of 13,000 Silithid Carapace Fragments
that drop from the bugs in the hives at the rate of 1-4 per kill. Assuming an average drop rate of 2.5 per bug, that's 5,200 bugs to kill.

Current progress: 5,950/36,000 = 30,050 rep to go, divided by 500 rep per turn in = 61 turn ins at 200 fragments per turn in = 12,200 fragments left divided by 2.5 per bug = 4,880 bugs still to slaughter.


Darkhorse said...

Wow are you serious! Why are you doing this quest line?

Are you on a new server or are you just doing it to be epic?

gl with the bugs. better you than me!

Blake said...

Nope, I'm on a really old server. To be honest, I'm a completionist when it comes to reputation, so I love doing these rep grinds. Plus, I never saw the Scepter quests when the gates were closed so why not do them now just to experience them? :)