Mar 19, 2009

Wow, Tier 8 Bonuses

# 2Piece Bonus -- Your Arcane Blast, Frostbolt, Frostfire Bolt, and Fireball spells have a chance to grant you 350 spell power for 15 sec.
# 4Piece Bonus -- You have a chance for the effect of your Missile Barrage, Hot Streak, or Brain Freeze talent not to be consumed when you cast the spells which benefit.

Both of those are pretty amazing. The 2 piece bonus might be better than the two piece Tier 7 bonus, assuming it procs more often than you can use your mana gems (every 2 minutes). However, with the mana regen nerfs incoming with the next patch, losing the 40% mana gem bonus might be tough. Optimally, I'd like to hold on to two pieces of Tier 7.5 and get the two piece Tier 8 bonus as well.

As for the four piece bonus, thinking about it, it might not be as spectacular as I first thought. Given Hot Streak is a very temperamental proc, and given that the effect only has a "chance" to proc, you might, at best get a free pyroblast every couple minutes. I think a 5% bonus crit damage bonus is a little better, even though I'm not running with it right now since I'm still missing the
Valorous Frostfire Robe. From what I've heard, the four piece Valorous set with Gothik's Cowl is the way to go (yet that head piece refuses to drop as well...

That Cowl, along with one of two weapon upgrades I'm desperately searching for provide me with the best DPS upgrades at the current point. Here's hoping I can find one of them this Friday...

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