Mar 19, 2009

Achievement 500 is...

Nothing I was expecting! So I figured it'd be Make Quick Werk of Him, but that was #501. Number 500 was...drumroll please...

The Dedicated Few!

Achievement 500
We finished off just the plague quarter after already doing the rest of Naxx with just 8 a long time ago, so I now sit at 502 achievements since, although we didn't get The Undying, I did get my Wooly Mammoth after Naxx with my 201 emblems.

After that, I ventured over to Sholazar Basin and switched from the Oracles to the Frenzyheart (after picking up another Mysterious Egg of course).

So, now that that's done, I need to focus on my UI and get rid of these small bars under Scorchio - what are they?? I can't figure out what addon has placed them there.

What are these bars?


Vetarra said...

The achievement no one picked hehe.

As for your addon, it looks like it could be Quartz or Classtimer. Not sure what you have.

Blake said...

Yeah, probably Quartz since they're aligned perfectly above the Quartz bar (I don't have Classtimer). I'll go through the options again and see if I can figure it out.

I knew it probably had to be Quartz, Pitbull, Bartender, DBM, or Scorchio.

Speaking of DBM, is there an easy way to tell it where to put the bars? It has some sort of anchor option, but that doesn't seem to work too well and they overlap with my Scorchio bars from time to time.

Vetarra said...

DBM, yeah, if you go to the options panel, and look at...I think it's "Bars" or "Raid Warnings" you'll see the color palette, and a small "Move Me" button nearby. Click that and it'll open up the test bars so you can move them.

Papaya Bunny said...

Those small bars are Quartz, I had the same problem before. I honestly just ignore them, though I suppose it's possible to get rid of them. If they're sticking there long after something's dead however, you need to reload ui.