Mar 7, 2009

Tiddlywinks the Seer

Just a week ago, I predicted:
I'm fairly certain they'll remove the 12 month requirement for the Brewmaster title, instead replacing it with an achievement to just buy the brew of the month membership rather than sampling all 12 brews. God knows people have qq'ed enough about it.

And what do I read today?
Achievement Changes

* Brew of the Year is no longer required for the Brewmaster meta-achievement.
* New achievement: Brew of the Month - Join the Brew of the Month Club - Required for Brewmaster.

Thanks Blizzard. Just keep on giving in to those that cry and whine on the forums. How many times have you stated since achievements came out that the Brew of the Year achievement WOULD NOT be removed from the Brewmaster meta-achievement? Yet you get enough people bitching about it and you just give in. Keep it up. How absurdly stupid. By the way, I think Sartharion with 3 drakes in 10 man mode is too hard. Can you just give me the achievement, the title, and the mount now? KK thx.

Hey, how about you make it easier to get the Chef title by adding a bunch of new recipes? Oh what? You're going to?
Professions Changes

* A lot (20+) of cooking recipes have been changed to allow players to skill up to 450 with them.

Gee, thanks. Now that achievement will be easy as cake to get and will require very little work. How wonderful.

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