Mar 6, 2009

Noblegarden Achievements

With patch 3.1, there's a lot more Noblegarden achievements that are going to be integrated into the game. To make up for the increased amount of achievements, they're extending Noblegarden to a one week event. That's a very nice change for us achievement collectors. The one thing I wonder about is - are we going to get 3.1 by the time Noblegarden hits this year? That's a pretty aggressive schedule, since even though the PTR is up, they have been constantly tweaking things and Ulduar still seems far from complete. The Noblegarden change would be welcome this year, but I just hope they don't push out 3.1 before it's ready.

Last night we quickly hit up 10 man Sartharion and Naxxramas and basically tore it up until we hit the Military quarter. Our hunter fell asleep during our 10 minute break so we pushed on without him and we used our 10 man group last night to prepare our priests for the 25 man mind controlling tonight on Instructor Razuvious. After we had to run away and reset the instructor a few times, we got him down and our new priest, Pilar should be able to have fun mind controlling tonight. We ran into problems on the Four Horsemen though, due to group composition and lack of players, so we had to call it a night there and we should be able to clean up the rest on Saturday.

Tonight, we venture into 25 man Naxxramas and I'll have a new job as master looter tonight. My spreadsheet is ready to go, my addons have been updated, and I think I've got it down, but it should be interesting to see what happens tonight when there's real loot to be distributed as last night, during my test run, very few pieces were needed by anyone, so most of it ended up going to me and getting DE'd. Hopefully it goes smoothly, it'll probably take me a wing or so to get the hang of it.

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