Sep 18, 2008

Zul'Jin Down!

Last night, for the first time, we fully cleared Zul'Aman on one night. Last week, we cleared all but Zul'Jin on night one and on night two, while I was unable to make it, the Gold Team took Zul'Jin down. Last night, we powered through and completely destroyed dem trolls. We got three timed chests and had 5 minutes left on the timer - too little to try for the fourth, but there are ample places where we can pick up the pace and group adjustments that could be made for more DPS (though I love our group and don't want to see anyone go - we can just work on gear and specs though).

I certainly had a fun time blowing stuff up - putting out 22% of the damage - over 1,000 sustained DPS. On Nalorakk, even with the silences, I put out over 1,300 DPS - thank you madame shadow priest! It was great last night, not once did I have to worry about mana. Sure, I evocated 15 times, but I really don't think I absolutely had to any of those times. Gaining 135,000 mana back via Vampiric Touch is lovely and all I had to focus on was damage. It was wonderful - I did over 700,000 more damage than the next person (4% more) and was able to just have fun doing damage rather than chain chugging pots or wanding when I should be throwing fireballs.

Again, Hex Lord Malacrass decided to drop nothing for me and the third timed chest dropped a wonderful healing ring (so close to the DPS ring...). Zul'jin also dropped crap, and on the roll for Blood of Zul'Jin, I was stoked - I rolled a 94! I was going to have the blood to turn in for some gold and badges and I would have the achievement of downing Zul'Jin when the patch comes out, but no...the last person to roll decides to break out the magic dice and rolls 100. Congrats to you Matnocuido. Hopefully we can get Zul'Jin down every week now without issue and by default, I'll get the blood.

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