Sep 18, 2008

On Mounts...

Previously I talked about collecting mounts - I thought that maybe you'd need 50 or 60 mounts to get the special one, well...announced today - you need 75! We do know though that there will be plenty of new mounts with the expansion and I figured I personally get about 60 prior to the expansion, so 75 shouldn't be too tough. Here are some of the great new options available:
  • Leading the Cavalry - Obtain 75 mounts. Reward - Albino Drake
  • For The Alliance! - Slay the leaders of the Horde. Reward - Black War Bear
  • For The Horde! - Slay the leaders of the Alliance. Reward - Black War Bear
  • Glory of the Hero - Complete the Heroic Dungeon achievements Reward - Red Proto-Drake
  • Glory of the Raider - Complete the Normal Difficulty raid achievements Reward - Plagued Proto-Drake
  • Heroic: Glory of the Raider - Complete the Heroic Difficulty raid achievements Reward - Black Proto-Drake
  • What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been - Complete the world events achievements. Reward - Violet Proto-Drake

So I hope to get the Albino Drake not too long after Wrath comes out - I think I just have to figure out how to get a few more mounts that I don't have already. I'll probably work on the Zhevra tonight and then see what all the battleground mounts require and start working on those. I'm pretty sure that the mounts I listed a couple days ago are all the mounts available to me at the current time and other than the gladiator mounts, I don't think there's any other ones possible in the current game - so getting to 75 I think is almost impossible until the expansion comes out.

However, it will be fun to start collecting these mounts alongside my pets and not have to worry about bag space!

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