Apr 9, 2008

Gold Team One Shots Magtheridon

Last night after a rough Gruul run (one quick wipe on Maulgar after my spell steal was resisted twice by Krosh (110 spell hit should not allow for two resists in a row) and one wipe on Gruul due to a bad shatter), the 25-man Gold Team headed over to Magtheridon's Lair to pick up where we left off last week. We went over the strategy quickly before engaging the monster and we took him down (WWS) in one fell swoop.

The clicking of the cubes was done perfectly, Aracely did a masterful job tanking the behemoth, and DPS was steady through the fight. When I went last week with Familiaris Incursio, we had cube clicking issues and when we got to the cave in, it seemed the raid was not ready for it. This time around, we stopped all DPS at 32%, waited for a blast wave, healed up, powered through his cave-in and continued our one shot. We were rewarded with the Eye of Magtheridon (which mistakingly went to a healer - a problem with anonymous need bids), Magtheridon's Head, a few Tier 4 chest pieces, the Pit Lord's Satchel and a very nice Black Sack of Gems. Inside the sack, we received a Crimson Spinel, Lionseye, and a Pyrestone. Though I wanted the Pyrestone more (I need a couple Veiled Pyrestones), I won the Crimson Spinel and will have a Runed Crimson Spinel waiting in my mail when I get on tonight.

The run was amazingly smooth, we had very few problems (a slight healing mix-up when Magtheridon broke free of his chains and an early pull on Maulgar), and the team as a whole is amazing. Congrats to the Gold Team!

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