Apr 9, 2008

A Closer Look

I'd love to take a look at older WowWebStats outputs from previous Gruul encounters to compare to the damage I did last night, but there are just a couple remaining as most have expired (I'd love to pay, but it's a tad bit too expensive just for parsing Warcraft stats).

This was my first Gruul run since putting together my haste set and it's tough to tell if it worked. The problem is I was hit by a lot of cave-ins last night and had to move quite a bit and bandage more than usual.

On March 11th, during the Gruul kill, I averaged 884 DPS with 91% DPS time. March 18th, averaged 1,127 DPS, 94% DPS time. Last night, 971 DPS, 94% DPS time. On the 18th, I was racing Nefernetcher for DPS and I had very few cave-ins and didn't take too much shatter damage, so it was almost the perfect DPS run. Also, I had a shadow priest in my group that attempt so I didn't need to evocate which costs me 8 seconds during the fight, or 3 fireballs with my haste set.

Looking at the raw Fireball stats, where the bulk of my damage comes from, I get the following:

Date     Hits  Avg. Dmg.  Crit%  Missed%  Mitigated%
March 11  46    2,667      31%     N/A       6.5%
March 19  40    3,202      38%    1.4%       2.4%
April 9   53    3,107      31%    3.6%       4.6%

March 19th I had the shadow priest in my group and due to that fact I could run Molten Armor rather than Mage Armor. The increased crit rate really paid off, along with the fire damage buff. I'm not sure why my miss% was so high last night, I was running at 2 points over the hit cap, but the average damage is up along with the hits - so the haste set seems to be paying off as I can get off more fireballs in the same amount of time.

I think I might have to go pay Dr. Boom a visit. I've never gone out there and tested gear DPS, so maybe later tonight if I'm not in the Karazhan run I'll go have some fun out there.

Also tonight, I will be exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive. I already updated my exalted factions count over to the right (22 and counting) and note the new progress made for the Gold Team. Mag down. SSC coming late April maybe. New pet count also. 63. #32 in the Top 50.

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