Jan 8, 2008

So the rumors are that later today, my mage trainer in Stormwind should have a brand new talent for me to learn called Icy Veins. Also, even though I am a fire mage, he has promised to teach me how to Ice Block like those crazy ice mages with their water elementals. And not only that, he also has told me that he will be able to teach me how to create mana emeralds that I can use THREE times before they disappear! What fantastic news. Hopefully he has everything ready for me when I am ready to venture back into Azeroth later today.

Also last night I was thinking about my new Boots of Blasting. The pattern cost 700g. I then had to buy 4 Shadowcloth for 200g since no one wanted to trade for my Spellcloth. I had one Primal Nether saved up, but had to use 10 badges to buy another Nether. Assuming a cost of 100g for a nether, I spent 1000g for my new boots. That doesn't even include the 8 Large Prismatic Shards I had to use or the new Runed Living Ruby I had to use to resocket my Spellstrike Pants. When all was said and done, I probably spent around 1500-1700g for a new pair of boots (including all the mats I already had for myself from tailoring or enchanting). All for a gain of 6 hit, 6 crit and 12 damage. Worth it? I guess so since I spent it.

With that extra 12 damage though, I am sitting at plus 999 fire damage completely unbuffed - no Arcane Intellect or anything else. Tonight we should be raiding Karazhan so I'll see how high I can get with raid buffs (no consumables).

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