Jan 7, 2008

Another great night! It started out on the Netherwing Ledge doing the daily quests. I did them all except for the Twilight Portal and the Crystals as I didn't have time to collect all 40. Unfortunately Gruul's was canceled due to poor attendance so I was able to continue with my Netherwing questing. I went over to Nagrand and did the Twilight Portal, found some more crystals and came up 175 rep short of Exalted. After offering up a reward in general chat for an egg, I finally found one in the fortress. I flew back to the basecamp, turned in the egg and became exalted finally!

After a meeting with Illidan, I was escorted away on the back of a dragon to Shattrath and rewarded with a Netherdrake. The Onyx Netherdrake is now mine! It looks absolutely amazing.

After getting my Netherdrake, I returned to Ironforge for my daily check of the auction house and I saw the Pattern for the Boots of Blasting for just 500g with a 700g buyout. Without hesitation I bought the pattern. ((According to Wowhead it sells for 1800g))

I then needed to buy 4 Shadowcloth as no one in the trade channel wanted to trade Spellcloth for Shadowcloth, used 10 of my 101 Badges to buy a Primal Nether and whipped up my very own pair of Boots of Blasting. I immediately looked to buy 8 Primal Earths off of the Auction House, but they were cheap so I offered up gold to the guild rather than buying them from a stranger. No one would take my gold though! 5 separate people (out of just 9 online at the time) offered me 8 free primal earths. What a great guild. I found a great enchanter to do Boar's Speed and I now have a new pair of boots (subject to testing of course).

Old Boots:
134 Armor, 36 STA, 26 INT, 19 CRIT, 12 HIT, 31 Damage

New Boots:
145 Armor, 34 STA, 25 INT, 25 CRIT, 18 HIT, 39 Damage

So yes, I have a new pair of boots. By dropping just 2 Stamina and 1 Intellect, I gain 6 hit, 6 crit and 8 damage. But because I gain 6 hit and I was at the spell hit cap before, I am able to replace a Veiled Noble Topaz with a Runed Living Ruby resulting in another 4 damage gained. So very nice.

Just a shame I had to spend so much time trying to obtain the Boots of Foretelling off that damn Maiden of Virtue.

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