Nov 27, 2007

Unfortunately, last night I was only able to get in games with Phill the Battle Chicken. We had some really great matches where we completely destroyed the other teams, and a few matches which were amazingly close, and only a couple where we were dominated. We kept our rating above 1500 and I should receive about 380 arena points today. Unfortunately, that's not nearly enough to buy the pants for tonight's Zul'Aman raid, so I am stuck with the Spellstrike set. If it comes down to it though, I could don my Trial-Fire Trousers and the Crown of the Sea Witch which grant me an extra 50 stamina, 40 intellect, and 20 spirit at the cost of 38 hit, 64 crit, and 23 damage. Pretty big tradeoffs. From a pure damage output point of view, it's not a good tradeoff. From a surviveability point of view, it could work. The question is, do I add 500 hit points in exchange for damage output? Will 500 hit points keep me alive that much longer? Or will my extra damage output bring him down that much quicker?

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