Nov 28, 2007

Monday night, after I was done questing and fighting in arenas, I made my way over to the hall in Stormwind so I could purchase my new Vindicator's Pendant of Conquest. So yesterday, when I was ready to continue questing and raiding, I quickly bought my pendant with my saved honor points and lamented the fact that I had not earned enough arena points to purchase my Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Trousers.

After getting my gear in order, I headed out with the Gold Team to Karazhan. This time, Comador sat out the first few bosses to give Mercreus, a hunter who is also on the Mushrooms of Doom 2v2 team with myself and Nefernetcher, a chance to fill in. He did a great job all the way through Curator and received a new bow from Attumen. On our way through, the Crone finally dropped Legacy. Comador just barely beat out Mercreus on the roll by one point. Congrats to Comador, I know he's been looking for that item for a long time.

Meanwhile, the Maiden refused to drop the Boots of Foretelling for me and the Shard of the Virtuous for the healers. The Curator dropped the Gloves of the Fallen Defender, giving Aracely, our raid leader, his first piece of Tier 4 from within Karazhan. After all these runs, he finally receives a piece. Going forward, we continued to one shot every boss until we hit the Prince. Due to a poorly placed elemental, an unfortunately death due to the shadow nova early in the fight, and my death right near the end due to axes hitting me, we took Malchezaar down to 3% before he killed us. We quickly regrouped and took him down. He once again dropped the Helm of the Fallen Champion. As Harkor was the only Paladin/Rogue/Shaman in the group, he received his third tier four helm. While I continue to wait. Of course Malchezaar also didn't feel like dropping the Nathrezim Mindblade.

Oddly enough, while running the numbers last night, it's a toss-up between which off-hand item I would use with the mindblade. There's three possibilities: Jewel of Infinite Possibilities, Talisman of Nightbane, and Fetish of the Primal Gods. The three vary slightly. The Jewel has spell hit, the Talisman spell crit, and the Fetish has spell haste. I already own the Jewel, but passed on the Talisman the last time we saw it. I might take it the next time it drops. And I have more than enough badges to purchase the Fetish after last night's 22 badges for a full Karazhan clear. With the Mindblade and the Jewel, I lose two hit rating which puts me exactly on the hit cap which is perfect for raiding. I also gain 41 damage and 23 crit at a loss of 24 stamina and 15 intellect. Not a bad tradeoff at all. The Talisman gives me 46 extra damage and 40 extra crit, but I lose 23 hit which I will have to make up elsewhere through re-socketing, or a similar change. The Fetish grants me an extra 55 damage, 23 crit, and 17 haste (which enables faster spell casting) at the cost of 23 hit and only 19 stamina and 16 intellect. If I can figure out a good way to make up the 21 hit rating to reach my max, that is definitely the way to go, so perhaps I don't need the Talisman after all. The only thing is, I need the Prince to drop the Mindblade. And with the way Kara refuses to cooperate, that might never happen.

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