Sep 21, 2010

A Slight Oversight

Yesterday was the first day of Brewfest - so I diligently logged in despite it not being a Thursday raid night, queued up for Direbrew, and headed over to Ironforge thanks to the breadcrumb quest I picked up in Dalaran. I saw a few quests offered to me, quickly took down Direbrew, came back, turned in the other quests and quickly reached 100 coins. With my 100 coins, I rode over to the vendor to buy my yearly stein and...what? The 2009 Green Brewfest Stein!

What a crock! They couldn't be bothered to put in a new stein like they had done in 2007, 2008, and 2009? They couldn't have taken the time to do some basic maintenance and give us something new this year? No, so now everyone who wasn't here last year can get 2009's achievement. Just really disappointing and quite frankly, lazy on Blizzard's part.

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