Jan 4, 2010

Weekend Round Up

What a fun weekend it was. Ok, maybe not. I already have abandoned my new year's plan of running a couple hours of PvP each weekend - but then again, I was exceptionally busy this weekend, so maybe next weekend. But, I did log on long enough on Saturday and Sunday to get my dailies done and do the random heroic. On Saturday, the day had finally come, after grouping with 4 random people, Looking For Multitudes was complete and the Perky Pug was mine! So there I was playing with my new Pug and I see a Cracked Egg sitting in my inventory. It had been there for a couple of days, just waiting to be opened, so, expecting some yolk, I opened it and...Reins of the Green Proto Drake is mine!

So now that I never have to buy a Cracked Egg again, maybe I should switch back to the Wolvar - at least it'd make me do more dailies each day to get back to exalted. Oh yeah, I knew there was something I forgot. I finally hit exalted with the Explorer's League. The Frostborn will be exalted soon and running Icecrown, hopefully I can get The Ashen Verdict up quickly, which will give me 39 exalted reputations and I'll struggle to get that 40th. I'm closest with The Scale of the Sands, but no one runs Hyjal any more so it'll probably be Ratchet rep that I'll grind out for #40 and then I'll work on finishing off the three other goblin reps.


Vetarra said...

You got the drake! Grats!

Anonymous said...

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