Jan 16, 2010

Gear Planning

I am having a lot of trouble these days planning my gear upgrades. I've been doing my dailies every day, so I can possibly get one crafted item with Primordial Saronite, however, by next Thursday I should be at (or close to) 95 Emblems of Frost, allowing me to get my 2nd piece of tier 10, the Bloodmage Hood (I believe this is the best possible upgrade at the current time. Using Rawr's Item Cost feature, it tells me the hood is the best next upgrade. So I switch out my head piece, do a quick optimization, and Rawr tells me to then swap out my Khadgar's Gauntlets of Triumph for Gloves of the Lifeless Touch (which have been sitting in my bag, ungemmed and unenchanted for ages). And also to swap my rods out (hit/haste swapping). So we'll go with that optimized setup for now...

Setting the optimizer to choose my next two emblem purchases, it quickly spits out that I should purchase the T10 Shoulders and Legs. However, it doesn't take into account that I should be able to purchase one crafted item with Primordial Saronite. If I optimize with the Leggings of Woven Death selected, it tells me to obviously get the Shoulders and Gloves. If I optimize with the Sandals of Consecration selected, it tells me to go with the T10 Shoulders and Legs. However, I don't think I can get both the crafted boots and legs, so if I have to pick one, which way do I go? I think it's the legs.

Optimized with legs, acquiring T10 Shoulders & Gloves = Rawr "Score" of 8949.536
Optimized with feet, acquiring T10 Shoulders & Legs = Rawr "Score" of 9014.053

So it's a 70 point gain I believe to get the legs crafted before the boots. However, the problem I run into is I can't accurately predict what other upgrades I might get along the way. What if I get the Plague Scientist's Boots this weekend from Festergut? Well then the Sandals are of no use. And if I get other upgrades as I work towards my 3rd piece of T10, then everything could change. I guess I'd just like to figure out what to shoot for next after acquiring the Bloodmage Hood. Rawr tells me my best next purchase is the Gloves of False Gestures, but that makes no sense with T10 gloves, so it then tells me to get the Circle of Ossus, which is a beautiful belt, but then it puts me in the position of waiting even longer for 4pcT10.

I'm still stuck, and here I thought I had it all figured out...


HokieJayBee said...

every piece you named is the proper piece for the slot you're looking to fill [belt of ossus, leggings of woven death, etc.]

[only piece is the feet but that depends on your +hit needs]

anyways, what you're talking about is all the right pieces for the right places. and everything is purchased with this new magical piece of blizzard keeping the sheep in line - the frost emblem. of which you can get 14 per week from dailies, 5 from the weekly, and after next week, 10 bosses worth in 10 man and 10 bosses worth in 25 man, so another 10*2 + 10*3 = 50? [i'm at work and sleepy and i think it's 2 badges per boss in 10 man and 3 per boss in 25 man]. so if you clear everything, you can get 69 emblems per week.

at this point you have 2 piece t9. so you need 95+95+60 more for your tier gear, and 60 for the belt. [buy your saronite for the legs/feet!]

so you're looking at ~4 weeks of clears and dailies to have everything. even if you "go in the wrong order", you're looking at ~3 weeks of misguided stats. nothing to lose sleep over! :P

chest was worst t9 or equivalent off piece. so you go t10 chest first. then shoulders or helm depending on your hit to get the t10 2 piece. keep your t9 2 piece and get 264 gloves [icc25 drop, cannoneer's mittens i think] if you need hit, or get the woven death made now as your off piece. after that, do it your way. :)

Blake said...

I believe the 25 mans only drop 2 per boss like the 10 mans. But in our 25, we just started up this week, so I'm behind on badges there and our 10 man couldn't get Putricide down. I'm also not getting the double weekly raid quests like some other people, which is lame that some people are getting 5x2 each week while others can do the weekly raid only once.

But right now I sit at 79 emblems of frost. So 2 more Tue/Wed/Thurs + 10 from the first 5 bosses in ICC10 and I'll have my 2nd piece of T10 on Thursday. Which unfortunately means that I'll need to get my legs Thursday, but I don't have the cash to buy the primordial saronite with yet.

Oh wells, time to start doing more quests.