Dec 15, 2009

A Note on how NOT to run ICC

Just a friendly note on how not to run the Icecrown Citadel raid with 10 people:
Don't set it to 25 man mode.

We went in last week with our normal 10 man team, and after wiping on trash, thought: this is fun! Finally an instance we can't just roll through. Tough trash, and then a hard boss.

After a night of attempts (3 hours), we failed to get Marrowgar down. It seems our healers and tanks could not keep up with the damage he was dealing out, but we kept adjusting our strategy and figured out how to handle him. On multiple attempts, we had him under 30%, but we just couldn't control the massive incoming damage being done to our tanks. We left ICC with a sense of accomplishment, having brought him down under 30% and with good progress made on the night.

But then our healer and tank took alts into a pick up ICC 10 man last night and completely destroyed Marrowgar. What was up? They knew this wasn't the same fight we had faced last week. And then it hit us. We had the dungeon set to 25 man mode. We ALMOST defeated Lord Marrowgar on 25 man difficulty with 10 people. What an amazing feat that would have been. In fact, I'm fairly certain we can do it, however, I don't think we'll have the chance to try any more. I doubt anyone in our group will be willing to attempt 25 man Marrowgar and 25 man trash again with just 10 people. But looking back, it certainly was fun trying.

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Vetarra said...

"I doubt anyone in our group will be willing to attempt 25 man Marrowgar an 25 man trash again with just 10 people."

I don't know about that... it was challenging and fun, and we do crave that. ;-)