Dec 24, 2009

300 To Go

Checking my Achievements today, I noticed I have 754 of 1,054. So just 300 to go. 107 in PvP and 176 in Dungeons and Raids. Some of the PvP I can work on as I've been slacking in that area, but unfortunately, the Dungeons and Raids achievements will take much longer to complete. One of our guild 10 man raids recently completed Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player) which makes me really jealous! I'm so close with just Vezax and Yogg to go. Hopefully when the new year comes, our 10 man will be able to take those two down.

I'm also hopeful that before Cataclysm comes out I can get to 9,000 achievement points. I'm getting there and I think that PvP will be a big portion of any advancement towards 9,000 points. I still have a lot of achievements to go in almost all the battlegrounds, so I'm going to try and put in a couple of hours each weekend in PvP in the holiday battleground. As long as I focus on getting achievements, I should be able to knock off a few each weekend.

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