Oct 9, 2009

Glory of the Hero

Last week, when I wasn't expecting it, I got a text message that we were going to go try to get Zombiefest, so I quickly hopped on and got ready to go get it. After that, it would leave me with just one achievement to go. So we quickly few over to the Nexus and got Split Personality, and there it was, Glory of the Hero! I'm finally done with it and couldn't be happier. The Red Proto-Drake is awesome and brings me to 102 mounts (and over 7,600 achievement points). Huzzah!

Tonight we go back into 25 man Trial of the Crusader as we look for more upgrades in order to help us progress in the Trial of the Grand Crusader. We will also be returning to Ulduar for the first time in over a month to work on getting Mimiron down and again looking for gear to better our team. Unfortunately, due to the Angels game (go Angels!), I missed last night's 10 man Trial run where they got Salt and Pepper. Congrats to the Gold Team and I look forward to getting it next week.

With regards to the next patch, I'm definitely not looking forward to the new achievements. The achievements reward you for using the LFG channel and grouping with different players found through the system. You get an achievement at 10 different players, 50 (comes with a title of "The Patient" as well), and 100. So now I'm going to be forced to use LFG to PUG dungeons when I absolutely hate PUGs and when I can put together a competent team from within my guild at any time. What a joke.

Lastly, I used the
Crusader Orbs we have collected in the Trial of the Crusader to get a new pair of bracers - Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers. In exchange for the 36 hit rating I lose from my Felspark BindingS (I was way over the hit cap rating anyways), I get 7 int, 9 sta, 6 armor, 42 crit, 2 spell power and a socket (which equals 23 more spell power). So I can't wait to see how it performs tonight. Go go Gold Team!


HokieJayBee said...

grats on achievements and gear.

shouldn't you put purified dread in your bracers though? 12 sp and 10 spirit, +5 sp socket bonus = 17 sp and 10 spirit > 23 sp

and helps keep your chaotic skyflare up with 2 blues in case you have to drop a purple elsewhere?

Blake said...

If I have to drop a purple in another slot to keep up my chaotic skyflare, then this will definitely be the slot in which I regain that purple gem.

However, +17 spell power and +10 spirit < +23 spell power.

According to Rawr, 11.7 spellpower is worth 16.98 "dps" so 23 spellpower = 33.39 dps

17 spellpower = 24.67 dps
10 spirit = 7.66 dps
Total = 32.33 dps

So the +23 spellpower gem just barely beats it out.

If I compare the two in Rawr, the +23 spellpower socketed bracers work out to 361.51 "dps" whereas the +12/+10 gem is worth 361.22 "dps" - so either gem will produce pretty similar results, but right now I'm not having mana issues, so the pure spellpower that the gem provides helps more than the spirit (which yes, does translate to a bit of crit).