Aug 2, 2009


Some achievement updates and notes from Ulduar...

Thursday, the 10 man Gold Team ventured back into Ulduar after some clearing on Wednesday (including an XT hard mode kill) and we ended up with 6 tries on Yogg. Unfortunately, we had to 9 man a couple of those due to an unfortunate power outage somewhere in Texas I think. But we had some good shots at him, got him to Phase 3 a few times and I also had the chance to blow a kiss to Sara.

On Friday, our 25 man went in, and I was ready to get through Hodir once again, but we did one better, getting our fist Thorim kill! And boy did we deserve it. After our first flawless arena+gauntlet attempt, we were stoked to get a chance at Thorim himself when what happens? He evades and disappears! Oh no, how'd that happen? Ok, regroup, take 2. An almost flawless gauntlet and a perfect arena team and he does it again!? Ok, that's upsetting. Time to research. We found two possibilities:

1. We were losing someone to a disconnect upon starting the event. Just a random disconnect of a random person. There are posts suggesting that you have to wait for the disconnected person to come back before starting the gauntlet. So we did that.

2. A few other posts suggest that he can evade if you DPS him while falling down from the gauntlet run. So we made absolute certain that no one hit him other than the tank (I always pull him in the 10 man and we've never had an evade bug - so I'm thinking the strange disconnects were giving us the issue).

Either way, we kept him in check and didn't let him evade and quickly took him down. A great job done by all!

So with Thorim going down, my calculations on the 30th needed to be updated, as I could now get 100 Emblems of Conquest. So into Wintergrasp I went. We took Wintergrasp back from the Horde yesterday, but there weren't enough people to get a team going. So luckily I was able to be in a winning Wintergrasp again this morning and we found a team of 25 and took down Emalon. And what's this!? He drops 2 emblems of conquest?? Well crap, I could have gotten my 100 all along. So here I sit with 101 Emblems. Yeah, the achievement will become a feat of strength. But I wanted the 100 Emblem Feat instead of the 50 Emblem Feat!

I also forced some fellow friends to go into a couple of heroics just before the patch comes out so I could get another worthless achievement, but it's all about the feats!! So there it is:

Yesterday, before Wintergrasp, I saw that Halls of Stone was the daily and since I am still working on Proof of Demise, I dragged Aravic in with me, and we quickly cleared, and to top it all off, I got Brann Spankin' New which clears the Halls of Stone of all achievements for me. Yay!

And back to my Vault of Archavon attempts this morning, I had a lot of fun in there putting out some awesome DPS. A hunter did some awesome DPS on Emalon, but I was able to pass him somehow on Archavon.




Vetarra said...

Oh yay! Grats on your 100 Conquest!

Anonymous said...

Awesome piece of luck...

Well done.. you cut it fine but got through!