Aug 5, 2009

What a Patch

So..let's talk 3.2.

First off, all these people back at the Argent Tournament? What the hell? I know there's some new dailies, and I understand people being there for the new instance, but why was there a 4 group deep line at Chillmaw? Why were there tons of people battling over Commanders at the Citadel? It's not like these quests all of a sudden grant special powers for the instance. They've been around for ages and they've been ignored the past couple months leading up to the patch. And now they're hot again? It makes no sense to me. Sure, there's some new heirloom items you can buy with Champions Seals, but other than that, why are people running these again?

I know I ran them every day (except 2 or 3) since the patch and I have almost every Argent Tournament pet (still waiting to trade one more) and I've saved the rest of my Seals. So I had plenty saved up when the patch hit which allowed me to immediately buy my Argent Pony Bridle. I'm not quite sure why, but even though my Squire has a pony, he refuses to mount up with me. But he does give me access to a vendor, the bank, or my mailbox every few hours. Plus...

Speaking of achievements, I was pleasantly surprised to see I still had over 7,000 achievement points when logging in yesterday. The nice folks at Blizzard decided to count up all the badges I had earned and apply them towards the 2,500 Dungeon & Raid Emblems achievement. So I'm currently sitting at 925/1000. But because of the emblem and badge changes, people wanted to run heroics last night. So we first went into the Oculus because it was the daily and would reward two Emblems of Triumph. While we were there, on the final boss, we figured, why not go for an achievement? So that we did. We had one person die, but we got Amber Void. I also rode an Emerald Drake, so I'm one drake away from Experienced Drake Rider. After the Oculus, we headed down into the Nexus. On the first split of Telestra, we got all the images down in the right amount of time, but on the second one, one got away from us and we just barely must have missed the timer for Split Personality. But, on the bright side, we did get Chaos Theory later on.

So while looking through my achievements, scanning for new, easy achievements (there aren't any), I did see I got three new feats of strength. They're a little overdue, but I'll take them.

I continued on after the two instances to do more of the Argent quests (the new ones are pretty fun - and...easy) and then went to search out some pets. I picked up the new Shimmering Wyrmling up at the Argent Tournament for 40 seals. I also picked up a Obsidian Hatchling from Breanni in Dalaran and then I did the new orphan quests and ended up with my own little Gorloc. I would have preferred the Frenzyheart, but I chose wrong, so I'll be happy with a Gorloc until the next Children's week. With the new pet additions, I now sit at 112/126 pets collected.

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