Jul 1, 2009

Living Bomb Overload

According to Ghostcrawler:
"Living bomb in PTR is castable on multiple targets which was thought to be a bug."

This is not a bug. It's an intentional change to the spell that we're at least going to try.

We will correct the tooltip to reflect this change (assuming it sticks).

While this doesn't really change too much in PvE (I guess you can AOE a bit more by stacking Living Bombs on multiple targets, in PvP this will be awesome. DOT up all your enemies defending a flag with Living Bomb, let it tick down and then let them all explode together. Awesome stuff.

In PvE, however, the only real DPS that matters is on bosses. 99% of the time, there's just one boss to DPS. So this really isn't that useful. However, you could DOT up the frozen cubes in the Hodir encounter, DOT up the flowers in Freya, DOT up the cats in Auriaya, so I guess it's not that bad. Should be an interesting change and could make it tough to remember who's got a bomb on them and who doesn't.

1 comment:

Eury said...

So I agree with you that the overall dps in PvE will likely be minimal, for all the reasons you said. But I gotta say, this change just seems plain ol' fun.

Blowing up multiple people just for s&g's? Yes please!

(Yes, that comment makes me the exact type of mage Blizz hopes for. Throw the mages a small fun change and they are distra - ohh look!! something shiny . . . .