Jul 25, 2009

7,000 Done

Earlier today, after all dailies had been completed, I figured, let's go have some fun in the Eye of the Storm and try and get a few achievements. A few disappointing games later, I gave up there and decided, maybe Alterac Valley would treat me a bit nicer. I got into a nice fresh game, rode to the Snowfall graveyard, capped it, dropped down to the field of strife, found a poor little hordie there just ready to be destroyed and then moved ahead to Tower Point to cap that tower. That left me with defending a graveyard and defending a tower to complete Alterac Valley All-Star. I moved north a bit, tried to re-cap a tower the horde had taken, but another ally took it before I could hit the flag. I went south for a while, looking for a graveyard to defend, but found nothing there. After a while, the horde made their push north, capping graveyards, towers, and everything as they moved, but leaving them without defenders. It was my chance to strike! Quick, take the graveyard...easy. Now the tower - who knows what could be lurking inside...I had all my cooldowns ready to use, but ran into no resistance except for other allies following behind me ready to try and take the cap from me. But it was not to be! I would be the all-star on this day!

And with those 20 precious points...where am I now??

The only reason I made it to 7,000 with AV All-Star was because during last week's 10-man Ulduar run, we made some amazing time on our way to Thorim and we were able to engage him before Sif left him. I thought I would just get a nice little achievement and that would be it. We had no idea that Sif would then join the battle and make it a living hell for us. However, knowing that we could easily start the hard-mode, we gave it many more shots, but something little always went wrong - we'd lose a player in the arena for no good reason, I'd make a mistake on the gauntlet and die, or Sif would just cause us too much havoc. So unfortunately, we gave up on hard mode for the week so we could move on to Yogg, but I'm certain we can add Hodir hard-mode to our XT hard mode kill list.


Alaranddl said...

Good job, Tiddly! I am 3/7 the person you are :(

Vetarra said...

I'm totally catching up to you. I'm only 1685 points away...you madman.