Jun 8, 2009


So, after a long, arduous tailoring climb to 400, I'm ready for my Lightweave Embroidery. Auction house? Nope. Other guildmates? Nope. Turns out, it's like enchanting - you have to know how to make the embroidery and then just apply it to your cloak. Well, ok, let's just make some. What? It requires 420? Surely you jest.

Nope, even though you only need 400 tailoring to use Lightwave Embroidery, you need 420 to put it on your cloak. What is this madness? So, back to the auction house to buy more Frostweave Cloth. I've been farming it all weekend (well, the portion of the weekend after I farmed Netherweave, and Runecloth before that). And there's no way I can farm enough in time for my Wednesday raid to hit 420 tailoring. Luckily, Petrina had 40 bolts of Frostweave to send my way and the rest I scavenged from the Auction House. So here I am at 420. And what's this?

Now I can make
Spellweave (x2 - I respecced Spellfire Tailoring as any good mage should do), Ebonweave, and Moonshroud! Yay for 4 day cooldowns...so I quickly got my embroidery and then, another added bonus, a Flying Carpet! I quickly withdrew the materials I needed from the Brown Coats' bank (my wonderful banking union) and made my first flying carpet. Hopefully I can reach 425 soon to make the most epic, Magnificent Flying Carpet.

So here I sit at 421, about to make some Moonshroud cloth to go to 422. I had hoped to get the epic carpet by Wednesday, but it'll probably just have to wait until I can do another round of Ebonweave, Spellweave, and Moonshroud as I'd rather use my mats on those than throw-away patterns that I'll just disenchant.

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