Jun 17, 2009

More New 3.2 Changes

As the PTR gets closer and closer to coming online, more and more details are leaking out about 3.2. In addition to the new mounts and pet, there will be epic gems in the next patch. They will be prospected from titanium by jewelcrafters, purchased with honor, or, here's the best part, purchased with emblems of heroism. I've got more of these emblems saved up than I care to count. So it will be nice to finally get rid of these.

I'd imagine they will set the prices high, but not too high. When you think about it, we all have 6-12 gems to replace, so I'd think they'll set the prices around 30 to 40 emblems each. This gives people incentives to go back and run heroics, but also makes them a little more difficult to purchase than just running 2 heroics and getting a gem. I might be way off, and hopefully, the prices will be lower, but expect jewelcrafters to be charging the crap out of people when 3.2 hits.

With these epic gems, blacksmiths, by default, will receive an upgrade to their gear. Since they are able to add sockets and can now add epic gems to the sockets, Blizzard has to buff all the other professions. They say that lightweave will be buffed accordingly, but it's already a very impressive bonus for us tailors. According to Elitist Jerks theorycrafting, it provides a 150 dps gain, whereas the other professions give a 38-39 dps gain. So hopefully lightweave will be buffed, but I would imagine it could be nerfed and come back into line with the other professions (which would be perfect since I just leveled it up to gain lightweave embroidery).

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