Jun 19, 2009

Mimiron Down + Tier 8

So last night, after a week of waiting, I got to participate in a Mimiron kill. After a few weeks of banging our heads against the wall, two weeks ago, the Gold Team took him down. Unfortunately, I was not raiding that night, so I missed the fun. Last week, due to a freak power outage, we didn't get a shot at the "Tier 8" bosses. Well, last night, we got our revenge on Mimiron again. After a couple stupid wipes, we got him down and I was lucky enough to receive my second piece of tier 8. After defeating Mimiron, we headed back to Vezax. When you unlock the first door leading to him, you get a really cool hallway to stare down...

After killing some annoying trash, you're standing face to face with the Faceless one and he is quite an imposing sight:

We only had time for two attempts last night, but I made the most of them, maximizing my DPS (and mana) in the second attempt to hit 4200 DPS. I think with a few more attempts, we could have gotten a lot further. I think he will be a challenge for us in the weeks to come.

But, back to my Tier 8, my new helm and gloves make me look pretty intimidating. Especially with the tabard to match.


Alaranddl said...

Is it just me, or did your dps go up last night? Grats on the new gear!

Blake said...

Yeah, it went way up thanks to my new spec. It's a Fireball/Torment of the Weak spec and produced some amazing crits last night (at about 15k). So I'm pretty happy with it right now. It takes advantage of a higher hit rating on gear to free up some talent points to optimize damage :)